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Global Data Privacy For International Schools

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In the dynamically evolving landscape of data privacy, international schools face a unique set of challenges. At Formiti Data International Ltd, we specialise in offering bespoke data privacy solutions that cater specifically to the needs of educational institutions operating across borders. Our comprehensive service encompasses a thorough understanding and adherence to both local and global data privacy regulations, ensuring that your school not only achieves but also maintains the highest standards of compliance. Our commitment is to provide you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your institution is not only compliant but also a benchmark for data privacy excellence in the international educational community.

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A Service That Ensures Privacy Outcomes

Embark on a transformative journey with Formiti, where we master the art of personal data privacy in the educational sector. Our expertise isn’t just about compliance; it’s about understanding every intricate step of your school’s data journey. From the initial inquiry to the excitement of applications, we’re there. Delve into the world of parent-guardian interactions, navigate the critical stages of entrance exams, and explore the ongoing student journey interactions in medical and pastoral care.


Unlimited Support

We do not restrict your access to expert advice.


Budget Friendly Pricing

We price our service for long-term relations over short-term monetary gain.


Alumni Privacy Support

When Alumni spread their wings we ensure your elastic privacy framework expands to ensure privacy assurance

Service Highlights

Expert Advice and Tailored Guidance at Your Fingertips

At Formiti, we don’t just offer advice; we deliver an experience tailored to your unique needs. Our dedicated Data Protection Officers are more than just experts; they’re your partners in compliance. They bring you bespoke solutions to navigate the complexities of all U.S. state and global data protection laws.

Simplifying Data Record Creation and Maintenance

At Formiti, we understand the intricacies involved in managing vast amounts of information. Our role is to simplify this process for you. We provide dedicated support to help your school establish and sustain detailed records of all data processing activities.  Transparency is key, and we ensure that these records are comprehensive and accessible.

Crafting and Upholding Data Policies and Procedures

Our expertise lies in assisting you to develop and uphold policies and procedures that govern the processing of personal data. These guidelines detail interactions with external entities, regulatory authorities, data subjects, and individuals seeking information, ensuring seamless and compliant data management.

Empowering Employees with Specialised Training

Specially designed for International schools, our training programs equip your employees with the knowledge and skills needed to comply with US State and other global data protection laws. We offer this training and awareness through remote group or individual training and data privacy awareness materials matched to your school requirements.

First Point of Contact with Data Authorities

As your primary liaison, we will engage with supervisory authorities and individuals involved in data processing on your behalf. Helping and advising your internal faculty and back office staff with any individual or data protection authorities complaints received. Our legal team will advise on terma and conditions of contracts.

Data Subject Access Request Management

We assist in handling subject access and freedom of information requests, guiding your employees in data collection under our supervision, and crafting communications with data subjects and regulatory bodies, including any data redaction requirements needed to remain compliant.

Conducting Annual Audits

Annually, we perform an audit to evaluate your school or school authority’s adherence to best practices in data handling. This audit offers recommendations, advice, and a compliance status summary. Our full gap analysis and remediation report guides you through each step to close any gaps. All audit controls are risk-weighted to provide accurate scores.

Track Your Progress


The Formiti360 live dashboard provides an instant snapshot of your maturity status over each of the ten core areas. Each core area is risk weighted to provide an accurate well-balanced outcome.

  • Live dashboards
  • Available 24/7/365
  • Unlimited Support


AI  Expertise

The integration of AI in schools isn’t just a trend; it’s the future. We’re at the forefront, of ensuring your AI strategies align with stringent data privacy standards of fairness, transparency and lawfulness. The Formiti AI Assessment Service will ensure the school maximises the full potential of AI.

international school privacy
International school privacy laws

Securing Sensitive Personal Data

Pastoral staff and guardians in international schools take on overall accountability for parental controls and discipline of these pupils. They must also balance this with the need to become role models, nurturing their pupils and providing guidance, reassurance and advice when needed. Also, Schools are obligated to apply the same levels of protection to back office and faculty sensitive personal data. We ensure your protection meets the requirements.

Scpastoral Care
School Health data Formiti

Backed By Expert Teams

Formiti Privacy Team

Privacy Team

Privacy By Design

Our expert privacy team will advise on personal data lifecycle matters and all state and global privacy laws.

Legal Team

Legal Team

Contract, Incident Support

Our legal experts will advise on Contractual Privacy laws and support in data breach situations, and complaints.

Privacy Operations team formiti

Operations Team

Planning, Governance

Our expert operational team will ensure your policies and processes remain compliant with all local and global privacy laws.

Elastic Data Privacy Framework

​Our Elastic Framework transcends being merely a tool; it signifies a transformative shift in data management and protection for international school groups. Designed to adapt seamlessly to the ever-changing landscape of global data privacy regulations, this framework ensures your institution remains consistently at the forefront, regardless of your global footprint and the number of different data privacy laws that apply to the group.

The Importance of Standardisation

The concept of standardising data privacy in diverse legal landscapes is not about imposing uniformity. Rather, it’s about developing a dynamic, versatile framework that not only meets a range of legal standards but also upholds a robust level of data security. Such a uniform yet adaptable approach is crucial for international schools, where data traverses international boundaries as regularly as their students and staff.

Formiti Elastic Pricacy Framework
Elastic Privacy Framework Formiti

Formiti Client Privacy Portal

The Formiti Client Privacy Portal serves as your comprehensive hub, housing all your privacy records and data mappings. Available at no extra cost to all clients, this portal is meticulously maintained by our team of specialists.

Client Privacy Portal Formiti
Client privacy Portal Formiti
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Get Ahead Of The Regulatory Curve

Embark on your educational data privacy voyage with confidence and trust in a reliable partner. Contact Formiti’s Global Data Privacy For International Schools service today to set a path ensuring your School is not only ahead in privacy regulations but also firmly committed to the utmost ethical compliance. Our team is committed to leading you through each phase of this transformative experience, making certain that your Campus is accountable, transparent, and thoroughly in sync with worldwide data privacy legislation.

We asked Robert to come in and do an audit for us in the lead up the introduction of PDPA in Thailand. He spent a week with us and was forensic in his approach. His report has left us a lot to think about and act upon. Compared to other firms offering the same thing, the price was very reasonable, and they have experience in the SE Asia market, so the advice is refreshingly specific rather than generic. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Formiti for data regulation services

DR T J Jefferis

Second Master, Harrow International School Bangkok

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