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Indonesia PDP Data Privacy Service

Indonesia privacy service Formiti

Attention all business leaders and data privacy enthusiasts! Indonesia has just taken a monumental step in the realm of data privacy with its first-ever Personal Data Protection (PDP) law, coming into effect in October 2024. This groundbreaking legislation is set to revolutionize how personal data is handled, not just in Indonesia but globally.

Indonesia Data Privacy Services

Whats Included

Elevate your data privacy strategy with Formiti’s All-Encompassing Indonesia PDP Service. This service provides an all-inclusive approach, featuring a specialized Data Protection Officer, comprehensive legal support in privacy matters, and practical operational assistance in privacy management. Designed to skillfully steer through the intricacies of Indonesia’s PDP regulations, our service ensures seamless compliance and enhanced data protection for your business.


Fully Dedicated Data Protection Officer

Our committed Data Protection Officer (DPO) will expertly guide your business along the path to full compliance with the PDP regulations.


Full legal Service Support

Formiti’s Indonesia PDP service provides the expertise of our legal specialists, streamlining the complexities of privacy agreements, notifications, PDP-related complaints, and communications with regulatory authorities.


Full PDP Privacy Operational Support

Embark on a journey of impeccable data management with Formiti’s PDP service. Experience all-encompassing support in privacy operations, meticulous policy formulation, and diligent ROPA upkeep.

Backed By Expert Teams

Formiti Privacy Team

Privacy Team

Privacy By Design

Our seasoned team of privacy professionals is on hand to provide guidance on the PDP as well as all other regional privacy legislations.

Legal Team

Legal Team

Contract, Incident Support

Our team of legal specialists will offer advice on Contractual PDP regulations and provide assistance in the event of data breaches.

Privacy Operations team formiti

Operations Team

Planning, Governance

Our skilled operational team is dedicated to ensure that your policies and processes consistently adhere to compliance standards.

How will it affect Indonesian and offshore businesses?

Recognizing the international scope of Law No. 27 of 2022 on Personal Data Protection (“PDP Law”), its implementation will influence not just the approach of Indonesian companies towards regulatory compliance in personal data protection, but also that of businesses abroad. Formiti’s PDP service is designed to assist in achieving and consistently upholding the requirements of the PDP Privacy law.

Indonesia data Privacy Law Formiti
Indonesia Privacy Formiti
Indonesia  Data Privacy Services

Formiti’s Complete Indonesia’s PDP Service:

Experience a smooth onboarding journey with our expert privacy advice and unlimited support, all structured to reduce expenses while ensuring comprehensive protection. Transition seamlessly and safeguard your data privacy with our efficient services.

  • Complimentary Onboarding
  • Free Worldwide Privacy Evaluation
  • Effortless transition management from your existing provider
  • Affordable, Fixed Monthly Pricing

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