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UK GDPR Representative Service

Appoint a Formiti Global Privacy Expert  to represent you under Article 27 of the UK DPA 2018 General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to ensure your privacy compliance can pass the scrutiny of the Information Commissioners Office (ICO)

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UK GDPR Representative Appointment Required by GDPR Article 27

Under GDPR Article 27, organizations that provide goods or services to UK residents or monitor their behaviour are mandated to designate a representative within the UK. If your organization lacks a physical presence in the UK but processes the personal data of UK residents, it is necessary to appoint an UK Representative.

The Formiti global privacy team has been supporting organisations across six regions and over 130 countries


What will A UK GDPR Representative Do For You?

Your non-UK business gains UK GDPR compliance through the appointment of an UK representative.

The UK representative serves as the primary liaison for data subjects and the Information Commissioners Office (ICO). They effectively act on your behalf to fulfill your responsibilities under the UK GDPR.

Furthermore, the UK representative takes charge of maintaining your records of processing activities (ROPA) and readily provides these records to the Information Commissioners Office (ICO). upon their request.

UK Representative Tasks

Maintenance Of The Registry of Processing Activities ( ROPA)

Your Appointed UK Representative will ensure that  the organisation ROPA represents the current situation of your data processing activities and, thus, ensure it is  updated regularly. In practise, updates must be made of any changes to the processing conditions.

Direct Communications with The Information Commissioners Office (ICO)

We act as intermediaries between your business and the the Information Commissioners Office  and data subjects within the United Kingdom By doing so, you successfully fulfill all your obligations under the UK General Data Protection Regulation (UK GDPR).

Direct Communications With Your Organisations Data Subjects

Your Formiti UK representative serves as the primary point of contact for data subjects concerning their data rights. We act on your behalf, ensuring that your data subject obligations under the GDPR are fulfilled. We liaise with your internal teams to complete DSAR requests on time.

Be Your Data Privacy Advisory on Your Data Processing Activities

The UK GDPR is a complex set of regulations that five years on is still evolvingcame into force on January 1st 2021 folling BREXIT. With our unlimited support you can receive expert guidence when needed. We will advise you on whether Data Protection Impacts or Data Transfer Impact Assessments are required.

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