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India DPDPA Service Formiti


Our team of global privacy experts at Formiti is here to support you in meeting your country’s data protection obligations. Together, let’s safeguard your customers’ trust and ensure the secure handling of their personal data.

Formiti Legal Team

Expert DPDPA Services

Whether you are a Data Processor, Data Fiduciary or Specific Data Fiduciary  Our specialists offer in-depth assessments, policy reviews, and bespoke training to ensure you’re fully compliant with India’s DPDPA regulations. Don’t risk privacy pitfalls.


DPDPA Audits For Specific Data Fiduciaries

Once classified as Significant Data Fiduciaries, entities are subject to specific obligations, as stated in Section 10(2) of the bill. These responsibilities include:

  • Periodic Audit: Significant Data Fiduciaries must undertake periodic audits to ensure ongoing compliance with the Data Protection Bill’s stipulations.
  • Independent Data Auditor: A significant Data fiduciary is required to appoint an independent data auditor responsible for conducting data audits. The auditor evaluates the entity’s compliance with the Data Protection Bill’s provisions.

How Does The New DPDPA Law Classify Your Organisation

Specific Data Fiduciary

The DPDP Act empowers the Government to designate  a Data Fiduciary as a “Significant Data Fiduciary” (SDF)

This is based upon the Characteristics, Volume and Senstitivity of the data processing activities of the Data  Fiduciary.

Significant Data Fiduciaries are obligated to

  • Appoint a Data Protection Officer based in India
  • Appoint a Consent Manager
  • Appoint an external Data Privacy Auditor
  • Carry out periodic privacy audits.

Data Fiduciary

A Data Fiduciary  is classed as  an organisation that controls how an individuals (Data Principle)  data is collected, processed, shared,retained and disposed of

Data Fiduciaries are not obligated to appoint a Data Protection Officer but it is recommended to have a person identified to communicate with both authorites and Data Principles.

Data Fiduciaries are obligated to

  • appoint an external privacy related auditor and
  • carry out periodic  DPDPA audits
  • Appoint a Consent Manager: Registered with the DPDPB

Data Processor

A Data Processor is an organisation that is engaged by Data Fiduciaries and Specific Data Fiduciaries to process personal data on their behalf. The engagement is controlled by a Data Processing Contract (DPA) to ensure the Data Principle’s Data is only processed according to the instructions of the Data Fiduciary or Specific Data Fiduciary.

Data Processors must agree to a Fiduciary / Specific Fiduciary  audit request to assess the compliance status of the Data Processor.

The Data Processor must keep a record of processing activities it carries ount on behalf of a Data Fiduciary


DPDPA Rediness Project Service

Whats Included

India DPDPA Service Formiti

Ensure Your DPDPA Compliance

Formiti Data International is a business that provides global data privacy consultancy services to companies who want to outsource the complex nature of DPDPA compliance, which is one of the most important management challenges of 2024. At Formiti, we believe in a customised approach. Understanding that each organization is unique, we craft bespoke privacy strategies that align with your specific business model and data-handling practices.

When you engage Formiti to deliver your DPDPA you hire teams, not one person. this is essential for any privacy project’s smooth scoping, discovery and implementation phases due to multi-threaded actions that only multiple teams can deliver. Whilst our project leads are in direct contact with your internal points of contact the highly trained back office   Privacy, Legal and Operations teams are crafting and reviewing policies, processes and contracts.

Our proposed approach will consist of four phases

DPDPA Readiness Phase One Formiti

Phase 1: Discovery

During the discovery stage  we  take a deep dive into your data journey from entry points, through the processing, storage, sharing, and deletion journey. We complete the following: Full Data Process Mapping, Systems Review: ( where your data is stored), Data Processors: ( Vendors who process on your behalf), Internal Data Protection Policies, 

DPDPA Readiness Phase Two Policies Formiti

Phase 2: Policies - Process

During this phase, we will create a comprehensive Privacy Notice. Each internal privacy discipline will have a bespoke policy and process to align with your company operations. Data Protection Policy, Data Retention Policy & Schedule, Data Breach, Subject Access Requests, Data Transfers, Data Protection Impact Assessment, Vendor Assessment.

DPDPA Phase Three Implementation Formiti

Phase 3: Implementation

Through a series of workshops with data champions of each data processing department we embed the bespoke policies and processes into everyday operations. this includes a guide to each policy, roles and responsibilies, employee acceptance, board level awareness, Data Protection Officer Duties and policy and process reviews.

DPDPA Phase 4 Training and Awareness Formiti

Phase 4: Training

Training and awareness form part of vital data breach protection, 75% of all data breaches result from  employee actions mainly due to workload pressure and innadequate training. We provide training at  Board level: Obligation top-down approach. Board Level, Data Privacy Champions Training: In-depth training. General Employee Training:

DPDPA Assessment & Remediation Formiti

DPDPA Assessment & Remediation

For startups and expanding global enterprises navigating diverse data privacy regulations, the Formiti Global Assessment Service is the ideal choice. This service is tailor-made for businesses of all sizes, from single-country startups to multinational corporations. The Formiti360 Global Assessment offers a fully risk weighted assessment to ensure a true assured risk score.

The Formiti360 live dashboard is a powerful tool that offers a detailed and comprehensive analysis of your organisation’s overall maturity status. This analysis is conducted across ten core areas and 150 controls, each of which is carefully evaluated.

Track Your Progress

  • Live dashboards
  • Available 24/7/365
  • Unlimited Support
DPDPA Continuous Improvement Formiti

Data Champions

The role of internal data champions is the key to future compliance with the DPDPA. Our experience tells us that on average all Global Data Privacy Laws change significantly during the first two years. How your company reacts to those changes will measure your team’s investment and success.

Companies that have implemented comprehensive data privacy frameworks gain a competitive advantage over organisations that fail to implement such a framework.

Companies can also realise brand enhancement and value which will attract new customers and improve customer retention.

Our goal is to help you keep updated with all the new DPDPA  law nuances that can be both complex and high in number. We will help you implement the best practices and reduce the risk of having potential DPDPA issues.

DPDPA fair Transparent Project Pricing Formiti

DPDPA Project Fair and Transparent Pricing

With Formiti Data International UK Ltd by your side, you can rest assured that your company has a strong privacy base to grow from. Your privacy strategy will remain timely and in focus, making sure your business avoids risks along the way.  Formiti Data International UK Ltd offers a great service and will be by your side in situations when you are in way over your head.

Our price is based on the Information gained during our online meeting combined with our experience gained from similar projects, and it includes everything we spoke about at our meeting and previous chapters of this proposal.
Our services are completely customisable to your business needs. If your needs change at any point, we will be more than happy to revisit our previous agreement.

DPDPA Data Protection Officer Advisory Service

Our team of dedicated experts will ensure your Data Protection Officer receives unparalleled guidance within strict SLA times, while unlocking unlimited access.

India DPDPA Service Formiti
India DPDPA Privacy Service  Formiti

Backed By Our Expert Teams

Formiti Privacy Team

Privacy Team

Privacy By Design

Our team of privacy experts will provide advice on global, including US state, privacy laws to ensure compliance and operational certainty.

Legal Team

Legal Team

Contract, Incident Support

Our legal team offers guidance on contracts, breach reporting, and communication with data protection authorities (DPA).

Privacy Operations team formiti

Operations Team

Planning, Governance

Our operations team will ensure compliance with policies and processes by keeping them up-to-date and regularly reviewing them.

India DPDPA Team Formiti

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  • Cost-Effective, Fixed Monthly Pricing:
  • Expert Software Management:
  • Unlimited Support:
  • Guaranteed Full Coverage and Cost Reduction
  • Hassle-Free Compliance Journey:

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