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Global Data Privacy Assessment

privacy Assessment Service

For startups and expanding global enterprises navigating diverse data privacy regulations, the Formiti Global Assessment Service is the ideal choice. This service is tailor-made for businesses of all sizes, from single-country startups to multinational corporations.

The formiti 360 Assessment offers a fully weighted assessment in ten core areas and One hundred and fifty controls to ensure a true assured risk score with live dashboards.

Global Privacy Assessment formiti360

Formiti 360 Privacy Maturity Assessment

“Take charge of your worldwide privacy compliance.”

Our Global Privacy Assessment gap analysis and remediation report covers ten core privacy areas.

  • Governance and Accountability
  • Policies, Procedures and Privacy Notices
  • Data Mapping & (DPIAs)
  • Security
  • Data Subject Rights Management
  • Data Processors
  • Data Transfers and Sharing
  • Training and Awareness
  • Data Breach Management
  • Monitoring and Validation

Track Your Progress

  • Live dashboards

  • Available 24/7/365

  • Unlimited Support

The Formiti360 live dashboard is a powerful tool that offers a detailed and comprehensive analysis of your organization’s overall maturity status. This analysis is conducted across ten core areas, each of which is carefully evaluated and assigned a risk-weighted score.

By providing this level of detail, the Formiti360 dashboard enables you to gain a deep understanding of how your organization is performing across a range of critical functions. This, in turn, allows you to identify areas that may require improvement and take proactive steps to address them.

With its accurate and balanced outcomes, the Formiti360 dashboard is an invaluable resource for organizations looking to optimize their operations and achieve their goals.

Global privacy Assessment
Formiti360 Privacy Assessment

Backed By Our Expert Teams

Formiti Privacy Team

Privacy Team

Privacy By Design

Our team of privacy experts will provide advice on global, including US state, privacy laws to ensure compliance and operational certainty.

Legal Team

Legal Team

Contract, Incident Support

Our legal team offers guidance on contracts, breach reporting, and communication with data protection authorities (DPA).

Privacy Operations team formiti

Operations Team

Planning, Governance

Our operations team will ensure compliance with policies and processes by keeping them up-to-date and regularly reviewing them.

Formiti360 Assessment

Budget Friendly


  • Delivered in five working days
  • One fixed price
  • Free One year Formiti360 Access
  • Live Status dashboards
  • Can Assess Any or Multiple Data Regulations

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