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Global  Data Privacy Managed Services Formiti

Formiti, the premier consultancy, is dedicated to helping businesses worldwide achieve and maintain compliance with  data protection laws. With our expert team, we provide tailored managed data privacy solutions and advisory services to ensure your company navigates the complexities of data privacy effortlessly and efficiently.


Global Data Privacy

Core Services

Our elastic data privacy framework, offered by Formiti, is designed to accommodate organizations of all sizes, from startups to PLCs. By implementing our comprehensive framework, you can confidently expand your company into new regions and markets, while ensuring your compliance with the latest privacy laws.

Global Outsourced DPO Service

Formiti’s Global Outsourced DPO Service offers expert data protection officer support tailored to help businesses worldwide backed by three expert teams covering Privacy, Legal and Operations

EU GDPR Representative Service

Formiti’s EU GDPR Representative Service ensures your compliance with EU data protection regulations by acting as your local representative within the EU, facilitating enhanced data security and regulatory alignment.

Global Data Privacy Assessment

Formiti’s Global Privacy Assessment Service provides comprehensive evaluations of your company’s data protection practices,  identify compliance gaps and provide remediation steps.

UK GDPR Representative Service

Formiti’s UK GDPR Representative Service offers expert representation to ensure your compliance with UK data protection laws, providing a crucial link between your business data subjects and the ICO in the UK.

Securing Global Compliance in Data Privacy with Expertise and Integrity

By partnering with us, businesses gain not only a safeguard against data privacy risks but also a trusted ally in maintaining the trust and confidence of their customers worldwide.


“D” stands for the determination of our data privacy experts, who are committed to elevating your compliance strategy to new heights

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Formiti data privacy teams prioritise client satisfaction, remaining dedicated to putting our clients first. With an unwavering focus on their needs, our teams ensure their interests and concerns are always at the forefront.

Engaging Formiti is paramount for safeguarding your privacy. Their expertise ensures data protection compliance and risk mitigation, a wise investment for any organization. Formiti has consistently proven to be our trusted global privacy experts covering three continents for over four years. Their reliability and precision in providing guidance are unmatched

R Tella

Legal Counsel, Planet Smart City

Formiti delivered our GDPR assessment and implementation project to a very high standard. There expertise in this area allowed them to work with all business units without any interruption of operations . They also provided expert legal services in relation to contracts and  privacy  policies. We have now engaged with Formiti for their ongoing outsourced GDPR advisory service.

Jonny Summers

CCO, Scede

When we first began Scalapay SRL, we knew that as a Fintech start-up a solid GDPR compliance framework would be critical to the success of our business. Robert and his team at Formiti provided the experience, framework, tooling. and guidance to ensure we got things right from the very beginning. They have helped us not only maintain but grow our compliance and have become a trusted partner to the organisation.

Johnny Mitrevski

CTO, Scalapay

We asked Robert to come in and do an audit for us in the lead up the introduction of PDPA in Thailand. He spent a week with us and was forensic in his approach. His report has left us a lot to think about and act upon. Compared to other firms offering the same thing, the price was very reasonable and they have experience in the SE Asia market, so the advice is refreshingly specific rather than generic. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Formiti for data regulation services

Dr T J Jefferis

Second Master, Harrow International School Thailand

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