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As industry leaders in the field of global privacy compliance, Formiti offer the most affordable and effective Thailand PDPA service around, ensuring total compliance for your school and all at a fraction of the costs charged by our competitors.







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Unlock a World of Privacy and Compliance Solutions for International Schools!

Are you deeply committed to safeguarding the security and privacy of your students and staff’s data? Is staying compliant with the ever-evolving PDPA Regulations a top priority for your school? Look no further – our specialised privacy consultancy services are tailored just for you.

At  Formiti Data International UK we’ve assembled a team of expert consultants passionate about empowering International Schools like yours to fortify personal data protection and effortlessly navigate privacy regulations. Here’s how we can assist you:

  1. Data Privacy Maturity Assessments: We assess your current privacy practices, helping you gauge your data protection maturity level and identifying areas for improvement.
  2. Data Protection Impact Assessments: Our experts analyze potential risks to personal data, ensuring your school proactively mitigates them.
  3. Privacy Policy Creation and Management: We craft and manage comprehensive privacy policies that align seamlessly with your school’s unique needs and the latest PDPA requirements.
  4. International Data Transfer Assessments: Stay confident while transferring data across borders; our assessments ensure compliance with international data transfer regulations.
  5. Customized Training and Education: Empower your faculty and staff with tailored privacy education, fostering a culture of data protection awareness and responsibility.
  6. Global Expertise on Data Processors: Worried about navigating contractual terms with Data Processors? Rely on our international experience to guide you through the legal intricacies.

Rest easy knowing our consultants remain at the forefront of privacy regulations and best practices, guaranteeing you receive the most current and comprehensive guidance.

Don’t let privacy concerns hinder your school’s growth and success. Reach out to us today to explore our PDPA privacy consultancy services and discover how we can be your trusted partner in safeguarding personal data and achieving full PDPA compliance. Together, let’s create a secure and compliant environment for your International School.

We asked Robert to come in and do an audit for us in the lead up the introduction of PDPA in Thailand. He spent a week with us and was forensic in his approach. His report has left us a lot to think about and act upon. Compared to other firms offering the same thing, the price was very reasonable, and they have experience in the SE Asia market, so the advice is refreshingly specific rather than generic. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Formiti for data regulation services

DR T J Jefferis

Second Master, Harrow International School Bangkok

How We Work

Three Simple Step Framework  To Your Schools  Thailand PDPA Compliance

1. Global Data Privacy Assessment

Our globally-recognised privacy assessment framework measures your schools regulatory PDPA compliance across ten core areas and one hundred and fifty controls.. This identifies any gaps in your operational data processing.

2. Remediation

If our assessment identifies weak spots in your schools  PDPA data protection strategy, we get straight to work on fixing them so that you enjoy a strong level of compliance right from the word go.

3. Maintain and Improve

If the Thailand PDPA changes in a way that affects your school, we work tirelessly to implement improvements or changes to your strategy and processes so that you’re always fully compliant.

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Cost-Effective PDPA Support

Guarenteed not to exceed 25,000 THB Per Month

Choosing this all inclusive fixed price service from Formiti can save your organisation up to 40% compared to our competitors.

This ensures that you enjoy all the support you need to achieve compliance while freeing up valuable financial resources that can be used to Improve your educational offerings