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Does your business provide goods or services in the European Union?
If so, GDPR Article 27 requires you to have an EU-based representative to serve as a first point of contact when individuals or regulators need to get in touch about data protection issues.
With the UK now firmly outside of the EU, many businesses with customers, employees, or suppliers in the United Kingdom also need to have a UK GDPR representative on hand too.
Let’s be honest, the cost to fill both roles in-house can soon add-up, and that’s before we even mention the time and resources that go into hiring and on-boarding new recruits.
The good news is that there is an easy way.
With outsourced GDPR representative services from Formiti Data International, your business can achieve maximum compliance with GDPR Article 27 for a fraction of the cost.
Use us for both your EU and UK representation, and you’ll enjoy 50% off our usual fees, saving you up to £600.

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How do I know if I need an EU-UK GDPR Representative for Data Privacy Compliance?

Is your business based outside of Europe with no entities or staff inside one of the 27 EU member states?

Do you offer goods or services to people in the EU or monitor their behaviour?

If you answered yes to both of these, then it’s safe to say that you do need to  appoint a representative in the EU.

What Does a GDPR Representative Do?

The EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) state that if your business isn’t established within the EU but you do serve customers or monitor online behaviour of individuals within the EU, then you’ll need to appoint a representative based in one of the 27 EU member states.
Their role is to serve as a point of contact for individuals (data subjects) who may get in touch with data access requests as well as data protection authorities who have concerns or questions about your data privacy strategy.

Hiring a GDPR Representative: What to Do Next

1. Determine if you need a GDPR Representative for the UK, EU, or both

Do you serve customers in the EU and/or UK without your business having a physical presence in one or both locations? Are you an international organization looking to expand into these regions?

If so, you need an EU and UK GDPR representative.

2. Weigh up the pros and cons of hiring in-house vs. hiring an outsourced GDPR Representative service

Do you have the time and resources to recruit, hire, and on-board an in-house representative?

Are you in a good financial position to bring on a new recruit?

If the answer’s yes, go ahead and recruit, but if those resources and all that time and money would be better spent on growing your business, an outsourced GDPR Representative service is the way forward.

3. Talk to Formiti Data International

When you appoint us as your GDPR Representative, we promise that we will always:

  • Act as your reliable and always-available local point of contact for data subjects and supervisory authorities on GDPR matters
  • Receive and maintain a record of processing activities (ROPA) as per Article 30 of EU GDPR; and, on request, make it available to the designated supervisory authorities
  • Facilitate all communications between your business and the relevant Data Protection Authorities
  • Facilitate all communications between your business and its data subjects
  • Engage with the said Data Protection Authorities where necessary

We also promise that we’ll do all this in a way that saves your business value time and money, especially when you take advantage of our 50% discount on hiring both an EU and UK representative.

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