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As your enterprise grows, there may come a time when you need to outsource the role of the Data Protection Officer (DPO) to meet your needs. Outsourcing to a Data Protection Officer Service could enable you to deal with complex, multinational data protection legislation that is activated by your growing operations.

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Art. 37 GDPR Designation of the data protection officer. Designation of the data protection officer. The controller and the processor shall designate a data protection officer, in any case, where: the processing is carried out by a public authority or body, except for courts acting in their judicial capacity; the core activities of the controller or the processor consist of processing operations which, by virtue of their nature, their scope and/or their purposes, require regular and systematic …

 Data Protection Officer Service Features 

Data Process Mapping

With Formiti’s advanced data mapping, you can easily identify and track personal data flows and generate reports on processing activities

DSAR Management

With our DSAR case management team,  don’t worry about missing deadlines. We take care of all that for you! Our managed platform maintains all records

Data Breach

It’s a nightmare scenario but be assured that our Data Protection Officer will be here for you with a 24-hour emergency phone line to manage any data breach incident.

DPIA Management

We provide DPIA, management that ensures you perform a thorough assessment of the risks of your high-risk data processing activities.

Compliance and Risk

With the Formiti365 platform in a few clicks, you can get a comprehensive overview of your risk status across disciplines. via dynamic dashboards

3rd Party Management

Now you can keep track of all your third-party processors, contract dates and status with the Formiti365 platform.Upload contracts at the click of a button.

Privacy Documentation

Say goodbye to the days of forgetting what your company’s privacy policy is. Our Dynamic Privacy Officer will manage and maintain all of your policies,

Data Processor Contracts

Keep all your 3rd party data processing agreements on the Formiti365 Platform. We will advise you and manage the status of all contracts.

Authority Management

Our Expert DPO will manage all communications with your Data Protection Authority to ensure a good consistent relationship is maintained.


Irrespective of your enterprise’s scale, when you outsource the Data Protection Officer (DPO), your organisation has more resources to deal with complex, global data protection legislation. Subscribing to an Outsourced DPO Service can save up to 36% compared to an in-house appointment.

  1. One day per month of dedicated support working solely for your organization onsite and/or virtually
  2. Unlimited Support Calls
  3. Unlimited Email Support

FREE  First Year Access to:

Personal Care 

The  Formiti Data Protection Officers have extensive expertise across data privacy policies, processes and technology. They custom-design, build, run, monitor and enhance your data privacy risk management capabilities – delivering solutions tailored to your business, irrespective of your risk profile or data environment.

Unrivalled Support

The Formiti DPO has years of extensive know-how, backed by a fully qualified technical and legal team to help you with global compliance. The finishing touches are the unlimited support by email and phone. We are always there for you. Unlike our competitors, we do not limit your interactions with us.


The Formiti DPO service offers seamless compliance. Our Data Protection Officers embed themselves in your operations gaining extensive knowledge and delivers a continuous data privacy improvement program.

Additional Features

  1. Compliance and Risk Management
  2. Data Mapping
  3. Governance Documentation Control
  4. Data Subject Access Request Management
  5. Data Protection Impact Assessment Management
  6. Third-Party Due Diligence
  7. Data Breach Management
  8. Data Processor Contract Management
  9. Data Sharing Contract Management
  10. Register of Processing Activity Record


Enquire How Our DPO Service Can Help Your organisation


Three Step DPO Onboarding Process

Global Data Privacy Assessment

A globally recognised privacy assessment standard! that measures your regulatory compliance across ten core areas and seventy-three controls


We will remediate any gaps found to ensure the partnership gets off to a positive start and your compliance levels are high

Maintain and Improve

Our DPO will stay on top of any changes in privacy laws that affect your compliance status. implementing  continuous improvement  awareness programs designed for  your culture and operations


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Saving Budgets

The Formiti Data Protection Officer service is a turnkey solution that will help you comply with all global data regulations. It’s backed by an experienced technical and legal team, ensuring your peace of mind. On average our service saves between 35/45% compared to an internal hire. 54% of our DPO Service sales are from our client recommendations

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