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Whether you’re a fledgling startup in a single country or a rapidly-expanding global enterprise with multiple data privacy regulations to adhere to, the Formiti Global Privacy Assessment Platform is the only data privacy management software you need.


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Formiti365 Global Privacy Compliance Management Platform

Formiti365 Global Privacy Compliance Platform

Customised to meet your needs

Our global data privacy management software can be fully customised to meet your compliance goals with zero coding or programming needed. Add, remove and modify modules at the click of a button and see your changes in real-time.

Priced with your budget in mind

Managing your data privacy effectively doesn’t have to cost the earth. Whether you’re a single entity or a group of entities, our affordable privacy software helps you cut the cost of achieving complete compliance without compromising on the essential tools and features you need.

Covering all major regions

No matter where your business expands, Formiti365 is right there with you to ensure you’re compliant with global privacy regulations. From Europe to Asia, North and South America and beyond, your software can help you comply with one regulation or multiple privacy laws simultaneously. 

Streamline your workflows

Formiti365 makes it easy to assign tasks to memebers of your team, track the progress made on implementing your privacy strategy and schedule periodic reviews, all from a single, user-friendly dashboard.









formiti365 Formiti365 glob privacy compliance managrment platform
Formiti365 glob privacy compliance managrment platform

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why choose formiti365?

Your All-in-One Privacy Management Software Solution

Manage your Privacy program From One Central Location

Formiti365 is a fully-secure online privacy management solution accessible anywhere, any time, on any device.

Live Management Dashboards

Instantly see your compliance progress status at the click of a button. Ideal for boardroom updates.

Live Detailed Audit Trails

It’s time to ditch those spreadsheets. With Formiti365, every action is time-stamped to ensure you’ve always got a full audit that can make compiling reports a breeze.


Trusted by Top Companies Around the Globe

affordable privacy management software

Cut the Cost of Compliance

Unlike other data privacy software which charges you per module, our one inclusive monthly price gives you unlimited access to all the modules you need so that you can enjoy significant savings.

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