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Formiti Global Privacy Assessment Platform

Globally Recognised


Whether you’re a one-entity startup or a globally expanding organisation with multi-entities facing multiple data regulations Formiti360 global privacy compliance assessment tool for you.

Available as a self-managed platform, or a fully managed service Formiti360 leads the way.

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10 Privacy Assessment Disciplines  

Policy and Procedure Management

Define, document, communicate and assign accountability for your privacy policies and processes.


Notify data subjects about your privacy policies, purposes and procedures for collecting, using and retaining their personal data.

Choices and Consent

Correctly outline the choices available to the data subjects regarding the data they disclose. Use the appropriate methods to gain consent

Data Collection

Manage the collection of personal data ensuring that it is only used in line with the purposes outlined in your privacy policy and for a compliant lawful basis.

Use, Retention and Disposal

Use and retain data for the intended purpose and according to the data subjects’ consent. Dispose of it appropriately according to current regulations.

Access Rights

Provide, manage and process data access rights for your data subjects according to the latest data privacy laws. and within the mandated time period allowed.

Third Party Disclosures

The entity discloses personal information to third parties only for the purposes identified in the notice and with the implicit or explicit consent of the individual.

Security For Privacy

Protect personal information from unauthorised access, both from a logical and physical standpoint backed up with policies that are reviewed regularly 

Monitoring and Enforcement

Regularly monitor compliance with all your privacy policies and procedures. Put the appropriate measures in place to deal with privacy-related complaints and disputes.


Maintains accurate, complete, and relevant personal information for the purposes identified in the notice. Ensures individuals data remains acurate and up to date

Formiti360 Global Data Privacy Assessment Platform

The Formiti360 Global Data Privacy Platform is built on a highly secure cloud platform

  • Customisable your brand/colours
  • Unlimited Entities: All your entity assessments and dashboards in one location
  • Multiple Users: Account permissions.
  • Three Assessments:  Three assessments per entity per year
  • Archive: Each assessment can be archived at the end of each year

Live Dashboard that Updates Your Compliance Status

Each entity has its own live dashboard measuring your compliance in ten core areas and 73 controls. The dashboard gives an instant accurate privacy compliance status.

Formiti360 Features

Formiti360 Feature Set

  • Ideal for global compliance teams
  • Manage all your entity privacy compliance assessments in one place.
  • Can be used for all privacy  regulations

What is Formiti360

The Formiti 360 Global Privacy  Compliance Assessment platform is hosted on a secure cloud and is available 24/7/365.

  • Easy Onboarding
  • Available as self-managed or as a managed Service.
  • No More Spreadsheets
  • No more pointless email attachments


    Formiti360 Features

    • Covers the 10 key areas of Privacy Control, 73 individual privacy controls
      • Ideal for multiple entity organisation
      • Unlimited Users
      • Can be used against any global data privacy regulation
      • Ideal for global compliance teams
      • Manage all your entity privacy conpliance assessments in one place.

    Managed Service

    Formiti Consultants will conduct three Global Privacy Compliance Assessment audits per year.

    • Fully maintain the platform
    • Document gaps
    • Document remediation steps
    • Manage remediation
    • Issue board-level reports.
    • Monitor Legitimate interest assessments

    Formiti360 Self Managed Pricing

    August 2022 Promotion


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    Three Step Privacy Lifecycle

    Global Data Privacy Assessment

    A globally recognised privacy assessment standard! that measures your regulatory compliance across ten core areas and seventy-three controls


    Follow our Remediation steps to close gaps identified. Then perform the remediation assessment to see how your privacy maturity score has enhanced.

    Maintain and Improve

    Easily identify areas for improvement by developing a  continuous improvement program designed for your culture and operations.


    Trusted by Top Companies Around the Globe

    Privacy Its What We Do

    Saving Budgets

    Formiti360 global privacy compliance assessment allows a compliance team to centralise their privacy audits. We recommend three audits per year, 

    1.  Initial
    2.  Post Remediation.
    3.  End of Year

    Archive each year’s audits to maintain a full history for each of your entities.

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